COMET (Consortium on Emerging Electrical Assets and Technologies) is dedicated to:

"CAPS facilities"


  • Expanding research and education regarding electrical and electronic components of grids and assets.
  • Primary focus on electric insulation.

Driving topics:

  • Insulating material and system characterization
  • Multiphysics modelling
  • Aging and life modelling (life and reliability prediction)
  • Diagnostic, monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance, health condition, residual life of electrical and electronics asset components
  • Innovative testing devices (high-field conduction, polarization processes, space charge, partial discharges)
  • Testing and design specifications.


COMET Mission

To grow research, knowledge and education regarding design specification, reliability modelling, performance, diagnostic, condition monitoring of any type of insulation system at any level of voltage and for any type of voltage waveform that is used to supply electrical and electronics apparatus and equipment. This includes electrified transportation, hybrid grids, power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as energy utilization, focusing on harsh electrical environment and high-power density and high-field devices.  Renewables integration and its impact on network reliability, AC/DC and AC/AC converters by advanced power electronics components, flexible AC and DC supply, adjustable speed drives, automotive, marine, aerospace and space vehicles are among the subject of the Consortium activity.


Started on January 2020, official kick off August 2020. Activity directed towards electrified transportation: ground, sea, air, space. Student training on insulation-diagnostics-transportation topics.